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It's your space. Let's clear the clutter so you can use it effectively.


If you're looking at downsizing or "rightsizing," we can help you decide which memorable and important items should move with you. Then, we'll find good homes for the rest, whether that's as a tax deductible donation, or passed on to family members and friends. We will even help create new floor plans for your new space, so that your new place feels like home.

Life Transition

Change is inevitable! But certain events can be planned for. If you're moving after retirement, clearing out the home of a loved one, or your graduate is leaving for college, chances are you'll need some help making your space change with your life! Let us help!


Not sure where to start? We are!

Let's meet up to discuss your goals and make a plan to get you organized and ready for the next chapter of your life! This process can be as hands-on or hands-off as you'd like. If you think you could benefit from some coaching,

call us for a consultation.


Why Clearing Space?

Let’s face it. Most of us have more physical “stuff” than we actually need. For some of us, this presents in piles of clutter, for others, drawers bursting open, or storage units under never-ending contracts.

For me, it was when I realized that I had come to own over 4 dozen pairs of shoes. Not being much of a fashionista, I knew this didn't fall in line with my values. I wanted change. 

Perhaps those three ice cream makers you own feel a bit excessive? Maybe you haven’t seen the surface of the kitchen table in years? Feeling overrun with unopened mail? If you're not sure where to start, you've come to the right place.

I know. It's weird. But I actually ENJOY organizing. My brain is GOOD at

creating order out of chaos. I'm not all about making it "Pinterest-perfect" necessarily. I want your space to work for YOU.

I want to help you find more space to breathe, while simultaneously honoring your brain, your heart, and your processes. I believe in the utility and beauty of things and I want to find each item a good home, whether that’s in your house or out of it.

You’ll be proud of the space we create. We'll make home feel good to you. And most importantly, you’ll finally be able to find your keys. 



As a construction supervisor for many years, I have supervised many skilled people. Theresa is highly productive, very efficient, and motivated worker, with a positive spirit, and a kind heart.
There are over one thousand books on my shelves, but they had no real sense of order. I was lost and frustration was rampant. After spending some time listening about what I wanted, she went right to work. All my reading and research materials have taken on a professional library look and appeal.

Tom Brown

Theresa was extremely helpful during my move. She helped keep me on track, and we were able to pack up a difficult room efficiently, and in such a way that it would be easy to unpack.

Nathan Thompson

Just to demonstrate how effective she was, Theresa helped me pitch 15 pounds of unneeded documents from my file cabinet in just 20 minutes! This was stuff I'd been moving around for YEARS! I'm so glad to have made space for my new business.

Jennifer D.

Theresa not only helped us pack and unpack, she was able to put us in touch with a moving company, estate salesperson, and independent living placement professional. We couldn't be more pleased with the service we received!

Dottie and Don

I've hired Theresa twice now to help me get my personal life organized. I've kept my space cleaner, put things in their homes, consistently made my bed, purged a bunch of stuff, and (most importantly) feel generally less anxious and hopeless about keeping my space in good order. I'm so grateful! (Also, you should hire her.)

Anna Grace


 5 Reasons to Hire an Organizer for your Parents 


Who I Enjoy Working With

Retirees and Empty-Nesters

Whether you've left a career or your kids have moved out, transitioning into this new chapter of life is an important rite of passage. While sorting through your worldly possessions is, admittedly, an overwhelming proposition, the Swedish call this process Döstädning, as it's an extremely therapeutic way to take control, and make sense of, your surroundings and your life. 

Seniors in Transition

After so many years in your home, moving to independent or assisted living residence can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Our experience in helping people prepare to move, and our network of relocation specialists, lends itself so well to these changes. We're more than happy to help make this transition a smooth one. We'll even help you unpack once you arrive!

Professionals who work from home

When you spend as much time as you do in your space, it needs to fit your needs on two fronts: a clear workspace that allows for creativity and multi-tasking, and a serene personal space to retreat to when the work is done.

Non-organizers / A.D.H.D. brains

Having 10 years of teaching under my belt has helped me gain skills to make organizing fun! I'm well educated on how different brains work, and will work with you and your preferences to make your space truly yours, painlessly.


Package Options

Consultations are $30, free with any package purchase.
Choose from hourly rate or packages below
(Two-hour session minimum)


This basic package includes 6 hours organizing services, including, but not limited to:

--One-on-one organizing assistance 

--Product suggestions and ordering

--Optional item donation/sale assistance

--Follow-up phone call


The Overhaul package includes 12 hours organizing services. This is typically enough time to organize 1-3 rooms, depending on the level of current clutter and includes:

--Personalized organization plan

--One-on-one guided organizing 

--Customized organization product suggestions and shopping assistance

--Item donation/sale assistance

--Follow-up phone calls at 2 and 4 weeks


This package includes 18 hours organizing services. Paired with my accountability guidance, this is typically enough time to prepare a moderately-sized home for an estate sale or a move, depending on the level of clutter. Included are:

--Personalized organization plan

--Optional floor plans for new residence

--One-on-one organizing assistance 

--Accountability guidance via email or phone call

--Customized organization or packing product suggestions

--Item donation/sale assistance or estate sale coordination

--Follow-up phone call at 2 and 4 weeks

Regularly Scheduled Tidying

Do you have trouble keeping your home organized? Need someone to go through the mail or just keep the place from looking like a bomb went off? Hire me to come tidy for you on a regular basis; weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.



Sometimes we just need a little help. Click here to partner with the Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities to donate an hour of organizing services to an elder in need.

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