Consultations are $30, free with any package purchase
Choose from hourly rate or packages below
Two-hour session minimum

Small (one room)

This basic package includes 6 hours organizing services, including, but not limited to:
--One-on-one organizing assistance 
--Product suggestions and ordering
--Optional item donation/sale assistance
--Follow-up phone call

Medium (multiple rooms)

This Overhaul package includes 12 hours organizing services. This is typically enough time to organize 1-3 rooms, depending on the level of current clutter and includes:
--Personalized organization plan
--One-on-one guided organizing 
--Customized organization product suggestions and shopping assistance
--Item donation/sale assistance
--Follow-up phone calls at 2 and 4 weeks

Large (Move or Estate Sale)

This package includes 18 hours of organizing services. Paired with my accountability guidance, this is typically enough time to prepare a moderately-sized home for an estate sale or a move, depending on the level of clutter. Included are:
--Personalized organization plan
--Optional floor plans for new residence
--One-on-one organizing assistance 
--Accountability guidance via email or phone call
--Customized organization or packing product suggestions
--Item donation/sale assistance or estate sale coordination
--Follow-up phone call at 2 and 4 weeks

Regularly Scheduled Tidying

Do you have trouble keeping your home organized? Need someone to go through the mail or just keep the place from looking like a bomb went off? Hire me to come tidy for you on a regular basis, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.




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