Tidy Closet

Do I need an organizer?

If you answer Yes to any of these statements, we should talk. You'll be surprised how quickly and painlessly we can adjust your situation.

1. I find myself searching for items on a daily basis. I can never find my [keys, files, spatula].

2. I often end up buying multiples because I misplace or lose items.

3. I just can’t keep up with the volume of email, phone calls, and meetings.

4. I regularly don't get to accomplish many of the important tasks I set for myself.

5. I could delegate some of this work if I knew where things were.

6. I feel exhausted just by walking in the door.

7. My things tend to lie in piles around the house.

8. I can’t see my desk/floor.

9. I don’t want to throw away my things, but I just can’t live with this clutter.

10. My family has recently undergone a major change, but my space hasn’t kept up.




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